Dr. Jon Warner has had a long international management career spanning more than 20 years in the U.K, Australia, and the U.S, where he now lives.

Jon has published over 200 books and booklets on best-practice management topics in the last 25 years. Titles cover topics such as leadership and management, change management, coaching, customer service, risk management, effective communication, team development, process improvement, conflict-handling, managing under-performance, entrepreneurship/startup assistance, and many others.

Jon is the author of several self-assessments and surveys and developer of two large scale e-learning programs

- Rapid Skill-Builder®
- 20-20 Management Development System (MDS)®.

Outside his authoring, Jon is involved extensively in startup mentoring and early-stage company board advisory work.

Photo of Dr. Jon Warner
Dr. Jon Warner

Currently, Dr. Warner is the CEO and Board Advisory for Digital Health, Health, Healthcare and Wellness startups, especially focused on Innovation/ Technology helping Aging and/or Vulnerable populations,.