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Improving YOUR Academic and Career Success!

Welcome to eStudent Success, the FREE online resource for a growing library of college and career success tutorials to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

The programs cover academic success topics such as Learning Skill Development, Student Service Information/Overviews, Distance Education Success, Career Development, and more. New programs added regularly - so check back often.

These courses have been developed from several sources, but primarily from similar projects completed over the years.


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Understanding Learning & Memory

Introducing the newest addition to the Learning Skills program group, Understanding Learning and Memory.

Program Groups

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Learning Skills Development program group
Learning Skills

These programs are appropriate for all learners including students making the transition from high school to college, current college students, or anyone who desires to improve their overall learning skills.

Career Development program group.
Career Development

Rapid Skills Builder® (RSB) is a series of 30 foundational short seminars. The series supports individuals who wish to develop skills to perform more effectively in their current job or as they move into management or leadership roles.

College Success program group.
College Success

Designed to transform the soft-skills of academic success that often exist only as campus "tribal knowledge" into documented programs available to the benefit of all students.

Self-Assessment program group.

A library of online self-assessments designed to empower individuals with the diagnostic information they require to be good self-regulated learners.

Entrepreneurship program group

Combining content specific to entrepreneurship with existing programs in other eStudent Success program groups is how we create a best of both worlds environment to nurture and promote your entrepreneurial spirit.

Life Skills program group
Life Skills

Programs to encourage and support foster youth and independent living.

eStudent Success is committed to providing resources and support opportunities to this most deserving, yet often underserved, user population.