Valued Contributors of Content, Mentorship, and Inspiration

The materials presented on this website is based on the cumulated efforts of the people we've met, customers we've served, colleagues, and partners we've made - all who shared with us, a common goal of looking for ways to make students more academically ready and successful.

We'd like to single out a few people who's contribution was significant for the development and success of this website.


DR. CHELLEY MAPLE: Director, Matriculation - College of the Canyons (retired)

Working with campus colleagues and Dr. Myron Dembo (USC), Chelley drove the creation of the Virtual Learning Lab website. The program presented online modules on many areas of learning skill development. The site also allowed contributors to post additional topics, tips, and techniques to continuously populate the site with fresh and relevant content.
In 2011, the program, Dr. Maple, and Counselor Garrett Hooper were named winners of the 2011 California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Technology Focus Award for their collaboration in developing the college's online, interactive student learning resource known as the Virtual Learning Lab.


MR. GARRETT HOOPER: Counselor - College of the Canyons (retired)

Mr. Hooper's dedication and contribution to the Virtual Learning Lab project was instrumental in its success. Garrett developed content for the courses and was a frequent contributor to other site content.
In 2011, Mr. Hooper was recognized (with Dr. Maple) by the state by winning the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Technology Focus Award for the Virtual Learning Lab project.


DR. MYRON H. DEMBO • Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology in the Rossier School of Education University of Southern California • Author - Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success

Dr. Dembo's research on self-regulated learning using self-evaluation, behavior correction, and practice established the fundamental prescription for content developed and posted to the College of the Canyons Virtual Learning Lab.


MR. SCOTT JAMES: Associate Professor, Distance Education Coordinator - Santiago Canyon College

The project, an orientation specifically for distance education students, was conceived of by Mr. James.
His contribution and guidance through the content development process resulted in a much improved orientation and serves today as the benchmark for other projects of this type.


MS. ANDREA EKE: Student Services - Los Angeles City College

Ms. Eke was a valued communicator and contributor to the development and project management of the Distance Education Orientation for LACC. Much of the information presented in the Distance Education Success course was learned from our work with Ms. Eke and LACC.



The eStudent Stretch program was inspired by Cyberstretch, an ergonomic aid and stretching regimen used in the business world, originally developed by Jazzercise, Inc.