Understanding Learning and Memory

What makes some information easy to remember and other information difficult?

Learning how your brain processes information can help you develop strategies to improve your retention of important information. While we don't promise to give you a photographic memory, the information in this unit will illustrate how your brain and memory work.

If you use these strategies consistently in your studies you should see considerable improvement in your retention and learning.

Illustration of many gears depicted in the brain.

Before you start, here are a few things to know.


  • The content of this program is presented in a single topic.
  • Your progress is monitored. You must successfully complete the topic to complete the program.
  • There are some questions at the end of the topic so you can evaluate your learning and identify information you would like to review. Don't worry, it's not a test and it's not graded. We call it a, "Check on Learning."


  • The program should only take about 15 minutes to complete.
  • Because there are no student accounts or retention of personal information, there is no bookmarking features. Users must complete the program in one session to be able to print a completion certificate at the end of the program.